Thursday, April 2, 2015

Life Lesson #1- Umi and kitten


Surprised surprised!
This is definitely not a picture of me and late Nini.
I posted this picture days ago but everyone thought it was arwah Nini.
She's my new cat that look almost the same as Nini.
I went to Cat Show last Saturday with Umi to find a new kitten as Umi said she's bored, Olie and Lily are not as playful as before as they are older,
thus we went to the Cat show in Centro, Klang which supposedly start at 10am.
Upon arrival at the place, there are only one cat displayed for sale.
We had beforehand aimed for a calico as this one pet shop posted her picture on the FB page.
As we waited there are a lot of cat's buyer waited with us but there are no sight of cats at the moment.
I told Umi, "Nanti kalau ada kucing lawa mesti ramai yang berebut kan? Mesti tak dapat."
Both Umi and I doesn't like to fight and argue anything with a stranger.
Then after I said that, Umi told me," kalau memang rezeki kita, tetap rezeki kita..kau tak payah risau"
Almost 12pm, Umi wanted to leave as there were no signs of cats for sale or to let go,
but then we went to the booth to buy some cat's flea medication.
At the booth, we asked the booth's owner if she sells cats as the lady owns a pet shop, the owner is very friendly and she said that her cats is on the way here and she's actually the one selling the calico we saw on the page.
Thus we decided to wait again, this time there are a lot of people coming and asked the lady about the cats.
It was almost 0130pm when the cat's finally arrived and everyone is fixed on the Calico we want but that lady owner immediately gave her to me to hold and the lady told everyone that she was reserved by us.
She is very manja and she look exactly like Nini. Umi and I immediately agree.
She is so adorable and very attached to people.
I am very happy and satisfied with her despite I have to trained her to go to the toilet for her 'business', estimate when she's gonna do her 'business', and etc,
I asked Umi again,
'Orang tu nak jual dia since she was 2-3months old but how come no one wants to buy her? She's pretty and way too adorable'
Umi once again told me,
"Kan umi dah kata, memang rezeki kita.. macam Lily, dulu kita ambil kat pasar berkurap, korang pon pelik tengok umi bawak dia balik tapi itu Allah kata rezeki dan jodoh kita dengan dia."
Which is true, when Umi bought Lily home, her skin is FULLY covered with kurap but Umi said, she only saw Lily's pretty blue eyes. When we put ointment on her, her skin started to dried up and she almost look like a sphynx or a big rat but right now, she's so fluffy, fat and cute with her crossed-eyes.

"Apa yang kita punya, tetap kita punya. Jangan risau."
This is a lesson that we have to hold on to.
Kadang-kadang, kita risau tak bertempat,
takut tak dapat, takut terlepas,
takut hilang.
Kalau memang rezeki kita, macamana susah pun, InsyaAllah kita punya.


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