Friday, February 8, 2013


so I've just come back from Singapore with my aunt and sister..
yup, only the three of us..
Singapore? It was not that bad..
The public transport, I have to say this, Malaysia should learn from Singapore.
They were very efficent, the MRT arrived every 3 minutes, sharp,
the cab was easy to get..
walking from one place to another is very convenient..
On the first day, it was Sunday and it was raining all day long..
we arrived at Changi Airport around 0830 am and took the MRT to Novena Station which is the nearest MRT to our hotel.
we stayed at Value Hotel Thomson (around 10 minutes walk from MRT)
unfortunately we walked at the opposite direction and ended up getting a cab to the hotel.
for a cab ride, it cost us around $5-$6.

Acik has assigned me to do the itinerary..
So I have planned the places to go based on the MRT route.
Thus, from Novena Station we went to orchard road.

orchard road was just a shopping complex with all the branded store like LV, Dior, Ferragamo and etc.. which means, not the type that I love to go and it simply just alike KLCC..for me nothing much in here..
owh, I forgot to tell, each MRT station usually (ni yang aku pegi jelah..yg lain tataw) will be connected directly to a shopping mall.
so, each time u went out from the station, it was actually inside of a mall.

Next station was Bugis Street. From Orchard we need to changed train at City Hall to go to Bugis Street. Bugis Street was basically like Petaling Street in Malaysia only that it is indoor..and on weekend, it is crammed with people.
and the best thing to shop here is the blouse (actually almost like Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid kind-of- blouse) and also the accessories!
I bought 3 bracelet for $5..serious menyesal tak beli bebanyak..I should spend $15 for this!!
and I bought souvenier for cousins and gfs and him just for $10.
if you went to Bugis Street to find a souvenier for your friend, please make sure u buy a lot!!
you won't find it elsewhere! *or maybe I don't know other places to buy..huhuhu

Then, I went to Arab Street, it was just a few minutes walk from Bugis Street. Arab Street is situated at the opposite route from Bugis but you have to go straight ahead. It is not that difficult to find it..and in Arab Street is where the Masjid Sultan is located.

so, we went for prayer (Jama' zuhur n asar) and rest for a while until 330 pm because we were really exhausted and it was raining continuously throughout the day!
after that we checkout the shop lot around the arab street. Here, they sell mostly fabric, laces and etc.

at this time, the rain was getting worse and doesn't seems to stop, and the sky was still dark.
we continued our journey to Raffles Place hoping that by the time we reach there, the sun will finally come out.
Unfortunately it's not!
from the MRT we have walked along the riverside. We exit through Fullerton Hotel, and walked through the rain.
We were soaking wet by the time we arrived at Merlion Park.
Yup, we went to Raffles Place to see the Merlion Statue.


then, from here we could see the Marina Bay Sand! the one yang ada kapal atas bangunan tu..hikkss

panorama at Merlion Park
then afterward we went back to our hotel..and had a good rest because the next day we went to USS!!
till then..

p/s: pegi Arab Street make sure beli nasi briyani or murtabak dia! sedap!!


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