Friday, February 1, 2013

turn back on time~

my holiday are gonna end in two weeks.
I am still in the mood of guling2..
then during this holiday, I was just doing nothing and some silly things with my sister who apparently waiting for her SPM results.
then one day, she bought an album which inspired by me.
I really love to make album!
because each and every picture keep thousands of memories.
I am fond with pictures, and that's the reason why I have instagram and make the account without hesitation.
and atleast, picture never change despite people in it changed.

unfortunately, album makes certain memory came back to life..
it just like this blog. but a clearer version of the words unspoken.
I was browsing the internet,
I read something, how unfortunate, I miss those moment.
I miss that person although that person may not miss me.
It's been a year, I did not know what had happened to her,
what's going on in her life.
I shouldn't know nor ask, I know.
but I know deep down, I care.
how ignorant I was, how I get my self distracted, how much I denied, I know the truth that I'm hiding for.
that night I dreamt, of the people that I have keep myself away from.
I may not speak a word to them in my dream,
but I was there to see them.
Even in my dream, I was not dare to talk to them..not because I didn't want to..
but because I afraid that they will feel uncomfortable and hate me..
somehow, I wonder, when will this stop.
It's been awhile..
our heart are incapable of handling the anger for so long my dear.
I am here to stretch my hand to continue our ukhwah.
I am here to apologize, for what I've been ignoring, for what I haven't seen, for what I lie, for all the reason..
For everything.
can't we just be friend?


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