Sunday, December 2, 2012


I am a loner.* not a song obviously*
but I have friends.
it just that for this year, I learn to keep my mouth shut.
to be more silent and invisible.
I choose to be like that.
I have once being the kind of girl yang peramah, senang bercerita.
and it brings me to a lesson that not anyone can be trusted.
I'm done with that..*trust issue*
but being alone doesn't mean that the person are sombong, pessimist, in-going person.
obviously I am not.
It just that I am confident to be by myself,
and being not in the group of specific friend make my view on people broader.
I saw a lot of new things.
I know a lot of other people.
I learn to be more sensitive in handling people.
this developed my social skills and communication skills.
I believed everyone have a group of friends in each of their university and school.
this is called as bestfriend and etc.
yeah, just like normal people, I have my own closed friends too.
but sometimes, being alone is what you needed.

pernah tengok cerita Lovely Bones or The Invisible.
dua2 cerita ni berlainan tapi ada satu element yang sama2.
dalam Lovely Bones,
perempuan tu adalah mangsa pembunuhan, dan mayat dia tak dijumpai..roh dia kononnya merayap untuk minta tolong and ada masa yang dia nampak kawan-kawan dan keluarga dia..
dalam The Invisible,
lelaki tu kena pukul dan badan dia dicampak dalam lubang air, then roh dia pon sama merayau minta tolong, dan rupanya dia belum mati, cuma koma or something like that..
and the main thing is that, they all see how people around them react and tahu perangai sebenar orang sekeliling dia and macam mana diri diorang yang sebenar..

sometimes, we have to be invisible, dissappear to see the real you.
just take your time to be alone and see your friends and how they treat others.
and judge yourself by that..
if you like it or not..
because, with whom you spend your time the most will create YOU.
I've saw mine, and thanks Allah to show me this.
I don't regret with the changes I made,
mungkin bukan mereka, tapi aku yang tak mampu terima cara mereka.


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