Monday, December 31, 2012

end of year~

it's the end of 2012..
I learnt a lot..
I cried, when my friendship ends.
I broke down when people throw some bad words on me.
I am disappointed when everything was not according to what I've planned.
I keep silence when my words did not get anyone attention.


2012 did left me the unforgettable journey and memory..
Friend, comes and go..
the one who stay by your side are the one who deserves to be value.
Love, will come when you least expect it,
and from the person you never expect it to be.
People, are mean..
they teach us survival.
Tears, are not permanent, just like smile, it fades..
but, both are a cycle that complete each other and teach you to be stronger.
Life, will never come as what we plan it to be,
but life will give the best that you deserve to get.
You, sometimes all you need is to be silent for you to know yourself better.
Allah, He will replace your tears by providing you friends, family and accompany..
and Allah, he never left you alone in this world.

I am thankful for all the wonder and happiness that were rewarded to me.


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