Sunday, April 24, 2011

red riding hood..~

i love that story..thank you..hehe
but the ending part was a bit tergantung..
this story a little bit like twilight..
a story about a girl who live in a village who fall in love with her bestfriend since she was a little..
in that village they were haunt by a werewolf that will come each full moon..
then the best part is that actually the wolf live among them..
which make it interesting, it giving me anticipation to guess who the wolf is..
and i keep guessing and saying maybe this person, maybe it cant be that person..
and finally..that wolf are really tak termasuk senarai yang aku guess pon..
its great!!
i am not a fan of twilight..
but yup, I love the story though it still have the twilight aura here and there..
and ofcourse there is two hero..which both of them is eye-catching..
i like peter when he's small..and i like the gentleman-look of henry..<3

so to twilight fan..go and grab a chance to see this movie..
i give 3 1/2 star for this movie..=)


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