Thursday, April 14, 2011


sungguh lah lega bila exam dah habis..wee~~
boleh lah aku menonton tv/ tgk movie..layan cte korea.haha
and benda2 lain..but I know it wont last long cause next week we still have to attend all the classes again and hantar my lab report/ lab session and etc2..~
and the cycle goes again..huwaaa..~~
i seriously need a break..
owh..kat facebook I know people asking me to do the tutorial for my new shawl/new look..
ntah lah bila AKU akan buat kan..since..I DONT LIKE TO SEE MYSELF IN A VIDEO..~
i do think i look reallllyyyy gedik in a video and wayyy tooo awkward..believe me..
korang datang lah umah aku..nanti aku ajar..hehehe..=P

i really needs something sweet right now..rasa mcm hypoglycemic pulak..dah lama tak mkn sweets/ chocolate/ ice cream..craving for it.. my dearest friend whom I LOVE THE MOST...yes you..~i just want you to know..that I do LOVE you so much..
I dont mind with all the changes that happen all around us..
with your emotionally unstable,
your examination,
your friend,
your feeling,
your little love story that you dont wanna share with me..
I DONT MIND THAT..i will be here waiting for you to be ready to tell me all that, spill out whatever in your mind..
I'm just hoping you can be who you used to be..
a person who could laugh, love and stay happy with yourself and have confident in you..
and I just hoping that I could shed away the tears in your eyes and throw away the sorrow in your heart..
be your guardian that could protect you from the evil person that break your heart..
but I can only do all this thing if you let me..
please and please..dont ignore me anymore..cause I dont know what that I did wrong..
I just want the best for you so you could always be happy..~
I MISS YOU..the real you.. and I always have hope that you will one day get yourself back..~
and hear me..this is all truthfully from my heart..
I accept you for who you are..I've been there for you in the happiest time..
and I will be there for you in the darkness of your life..
cause I have gone through all this with me before..~
you know who you are my dear..<3~

even if you've lost everyone around still have just have to take a glance besides you..cause Im always there..~


nnadiah said...

how sweets are you girl.

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