Friday, March 13, 2009


12 MARCH 2009...

there's two things that happen to me on this date...first was my driving test(re-test actually)...then my SPM's so excited to tell what happen on this day..!!!

okey..that morning I have to go for the driving test first..then we supposed to go at 8 am..but then half-way to metro then there's one girl called and said she's waiting at seven-e for en zul to pick her up..en zul was not aware that he supposed to pick up that girl because her name was not in a we have to turned back and picked her up...OMG..we're gonna be late..!!
As number had been our turn are gonna be late..!BUT...NOT!!
then they called my name and we have to register and move to station 3 to do the test..then the teachers asked us to take our turn..while we just arriving!!!ngee..!
then aku buatlah bukit..sampai atas..i told yhe JPJ my number..then he said "nombor awak tak masuk lagi..awak kene turun balik.." sakit nye ati...!!
then x lama pastu..kene naik balik..and guess what...I finally pass!!!!!
yeay!!!lepas ni bolehlah merayap..!!boleh eh abah??!huhu..

One had done and 40% relieved!! 9.45 am..out from metro..!!on the way to school..feeling..nervous,scared,worry,and happy to see friends..!!omg..i miss them..!!!then in the car..en zul chat with me and said something like.."so,arini ari bertuah awaklah yew...lulus kereta..spm nye result kuar.."hee..mintak2 camtulah...

then sampai sekolah pukul 10.20..ramai nye kengkawan aku..!!!
rindunye kat diorang..then call ummi so that she can come to school..then chatting with friends..waiting for the results...waiting3x...
12 noon..akhirnye Pn Rosliza bring our results and files..then teacher called the account student first which means...including ME!!! fast..!!huhu..

My name was called..and teacher gave me my LCCI form and my results..!!
i wasn't looking...then salam and peluk cikgu..wasn't looking..searching for ummi...
and...i look....

OMG!!!!!look at my results!

I've got 4A1 3A2 1B3 so happy!!!and im happy for my friends too..
yin,sarah and athirah..congrats cause all of u got straight A's..and to my cousin yasmin,my best friends..rabie,nani,teha and all of my friends...Congratulation too!!!


para' said...

waa tahniah.

Hanani Hj Halim said...

tahniah babe ! keep it up. :))

btw aku pelik ar yg single tepi tu ape eh ?

NurulFatehah;) said...

tahniah la wehh..
isyh aku kurg 1 A je dri kau!! ;)

cik hidayah said...

yg tepi result aku tu..
sederet ngan english..apa yg aku nampak GCE-0..
aku pon x tau..
sederet ngan akaun(x nmpk)ada LCCI..
maknanya aku dah blh jadi kerani akaun lah..
dah ada sijil gitu..!

s.h.s said...

yg gce-o 2...level karangan kte
tok cambridge...
hidayah mne ea?da lpe da..
raje mude x dulu?

cik hidayah said...

kita x kenal kot...
anyway..selamat berkenalan..!

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