Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Love you"

How this two words just changed my whole day.

Disturbed. Dumbfounded.
Emotionally detached.
I am not sure how I feel at that time when I hear that on the phone.
I am quite sure that it is just a teasing,
a measure of joking,
but I just stare at the phone and then hang it down.
Let me break this down:
a) we are not even close enough to joke around like that.
b) how easy it is to say this word.
c) That is a very sensitive line.

That is the most expensive word that I just couldn't simply say,
and hearing it said to me, I just have a mix feeling about it.
Second after I hear that, my head ache so much that I have to take a Tab of Stemetil.
And yet, I am still couldn't even digest what has been said to me just now.
The conversation from A-Z was repeating in my head.
Probably I am definitely a Philophobic and now it has gotten worse.
All this symptoms are very suggestive.

It is difficult to process this in my brain right now,
and even words did not flow smoothly as I write this.
I just wish I never hear it earlier this morning.


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