Saturday, May 20, 2017


Is a picture is just a picture?
Every single picture has a memory behind it
The only person who knew about it are the person inside of the picture and person behind that picture
Even if that picture is just a picture of one person posing nicely
It takes a memory of more than one person
That is how precious a picture is
It hold a memory lasting forever

This picture hold so many stories.
Behind it was a girl that stand up tall besides a person who shattered her heart.
She capture this because deep down she knew it was their last memory together.
She remember everything that was said to her at that moment.
"Thanks for today, for waiting, for all this time and for... Everything"
And she cries because the time is up.
It should've ended at that moment. If only the other person was courage enough.
Unfortunately she was hurt by the false hope and was hurting even more, that she forgot this beautiful last speech for her.


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