Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I am getting better.
So much better now.
I told before, what humans are made for are to adapt to changes.
However, humans often exaggerate things up;
"I can't live without that person"
"What will I do without them?"
"I lost everyone I loved"
Through this, I learnt, the best companion is Allah.
Cari Dia, jumpa semua.
I search myself and seek Him through reading, listening to a talk, involving with spiritual learning and classes.
I learn and learn and keep learning to distract myself from remembering how hurt I am.
And I understand now why knowledge will save us from a downfall.
I can't describe exactly how but I realize my mistakes in loving others.
I've planned before about my future, what I wanna do after graduation, about future family, future house, ambitions and etc.
 I planned without preparation.
That is my mistakes.
Allah knows my dissapointment and frustration.
But I believe He knows best and He know when I'm prepared.
Jaga Allah dan jaga ibubapa, yang lain akan datang kemudian.
And afterwards I told myself,
It's okay to fall in love again, but this time take Allah with you.

Some sentences were quoted from DIAgnosis2. My favourite drugs currently.

"Kenapa manusia selalu tak jujur dengan cinta?"
"Biasa. Tiada beza dengan kita dan Pencipta"


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