Thursday, February 5, 2015


Convocation day is a day full of love.
It was one of the happiest day in my life.
I still feel excited and still can't get over my convocation day.
Pharmacy school did teach me alot.
This four years is a journey full of lesson.
From friendship, love, life and all the battle within it.
It just couldn't be describe.
I miss to go to class, playing in the lab, hanging out with friends, do events.
My university life was probably much boring than others but surely we all have something special that we had experience.
I am still waiting for my hospital placement, hope will get it soon. Doakan.
Honestly, people keep telling me, pharmacist tak ada life,
even when I'm still studying, everyone said that I don't have life.
I have class when others are in holiday, I have attachment in hospital or industry or community during semester break.
My semester break is only for a month.
And now, when I start working, I will probably can't go back for Raya and etc.
This is a profession that a lot need to be sacrificed.
We aren't as bad as the doctor, but we have our struggle too.
It's okay, setiap orang ada rezeki masing2.
InsyaAllah, akan dipermudahkan semuanya.
During the 4 years of study, whenever I feel it was difficult and I feel like I want to bantai everything,
I told myself to focus, this is not just for a piece of paper.
This is for all the patients that I will meet later in life.
This is for everyone.
This is my commitment.

This is for them. For the love, support, courage. For everything.

First love: Umi, umi and umi

First love and forever boyfriend.

Yin, Bella and Teha. Classmates, University-mate and girlfriends.

Favourite girl. Always.


The only close up make up look that I have

The first two persons that I met in MSU and BPharm

Friends and clan

Group mates and Team Project. Missing; Damien.

Finally, 4 years for this scroll

abah kata dulu tak sempat convo, dah kena balik Malaysia.

The only OOTD that I have 



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