Monday, January 5, 2015

Final decision


I always have a thought on how life randomly change.
The path that we took,
A tiny decision affect our future.
I've seen a lot of mistakes being done by people around me and mostly my own mistakes.
I've abandoned my friend for love
And love abandoned me for another love.
People abandoned love for another choices.
I chose to be a pharmacist rather than my old ambition as an engineer or dietitian.
People chose to persue their ambition rather than taking a highly-paid-salary courses.
People choose another path than the so-called better path
One single thing change every single thing.
Indeed, I've seen how many people regrets their choice.
Still struggling with the unchoosen path,
The road not taken.
How many people cry for the thing they can't change.
And how many people were confused with the choices they need to make?
A future spouse, future job, just future.
How will you know that you'll end up with the right choice?
What if what we claimed as a right choice is not the right choice?
What if the one we think were destined for us was not the one?
What if, people will end up with someone or some choices because they simply have only that one last choice or there's no other choice other than that?
I often have a thought about this.
What if we choose someone not because they are the one for us,
But because we have reach 'THE age' that we're supposed to get married as everyone else do and end up with just someone who stuck with us at THE age.
Believe me, you don't have to think too much about this.
But when it strucks your mind,
You will never tired to wonder about the whole qada' and qadr.
This subjects often interest me but no one and no creatures will ever know about the world of the unseen.
Allah knows best.


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