Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A wall up high

She has nothing to offer,
nor friendship, nor relationship,
she was lousy in both,
All she did was to make everyone unhappy,
She has shed so many people's tears,
and each tears, make her heart sank.
She told herself, to built a wall up high,
where no one can reach her,
and most importantly, no one can be hurt by her..
Strong girl break apart too,
it is not she's pushing away everyone around her,
sometimes she wonder,
where are they?
no friend, no love.

she take the blame when everyone around her feel lonely,
she keep asking herself, have I been ignorant?
can't I see they are in pain, sadness?
they need me and where am I?
All the thoughts, all the question in her head,
when she is going through the pain, the sadness and the loneliness too.

She is no angel,
She never think she is the best for everyone,
she has her own insecurities,
she cries too,
her heart ache too,
she told herself, it was her fault,
not everyone else but hers.
and thus, she built her wall up high,
to stop herself to asked everyone, where are they?

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