Monday, November 25, 2013


it such a very loooooongggg time since I last updated this blog.
and such a long time to update my current situation or self or whatever.
There are lots of things that I miss.
I miss pampering myself, miss doing all my hobbies, I miss everyone, and even miss myself.
and I even miss writing on this blog.
this blog was once my addiction, just like my addiction on make up, shawl, square shawls, blouse, good health, getting on diet and the list goes on.
unfortunately I dont have enough time to do everything.
I was busy with clinical attachment, research project, assignments, presentation and etc.
It's already the end of November, and this November is never the same November I ever had.
So much things happened in November, so much laughter and cries.
Clinical attachment is very interesting and tiring for me.
I never studies as much as during the attachment.
Woke up at 6am, go out at 7am,
reach Hospital by 0735am, stayed there till 6pm since I have to wait for Umi to fetch me from her workplace,
reach home around 7pm,
clean, rest, eat until 830pm and start studying my case until I got all the answer for the precetor's question and understand the case, study the Clinical Practice Guidelines, all the drug interaction, all and everything on the drugs and ofcourse for my dearest lecturers, my complete report on my case.
I dont even have time for other things.
and maybe that's why the pharmacy department have so many beautiful single ladies. Like seriously.
It takes a person that could understand us completely.
Ok, done with attachment, I supposed to have poster presentation last week on thursday, but they postponed it.
I finished my poster, week before since I wanna go for a holiday at Perak. *wink*
Those trip is just so wonderful but I am too lazy to write it down..maybe I'll just put some picture in here.

p/s: the truth is, I put on weight after raya and still did not managed to get back my weight. So, I have to say that I am on diet. Thanks that I am on workout during puasa and raya, it did not really affect my physical appearance so much.


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