Monday, November 25, 2013

moving on when you are not.

As I reach 22 years old, I realize things are getting tougher in life.
Discussing about the future with your friends, family and love one.
It feel like a grown up when I am not.
Asked Umi if I act like I am 22..
She will obviously said no, seldom at home, umi will scold me on how messy my room are, how messy my study room are, how messy my kitchen are.
Always when I cook, my family will say that it is tasteless, kurang garam, kurang gula and etc.
And I will answer all the question like a child.."ala tapelah..cantik dah tu..sedaplah ni..kemas dah ni"
but despite all that, what I went through, what my friend went through is not something that I can act childishly.
Sometimes I am proud of myself to handle my ownselves in a quite a good way.
Atleast, I can actually make my own decision on what is good or bad, although no one is perfect and I, too, make mistakes.
I choose what I need to keep and what I need to move on.
Thinking about the fact on the future, it is a bit..hmm..I cant describe it.
What I know is I will graduate in another 7-8 months, then I will work at hospitals, or retail pharmacy or industrial pharmacy(??)
marriage? InsyaAllah but the chance maybe not within this 2-3 years since I dont think I have much time during Provisional Registered Pharmacist (PRP) or what other called it as houseman. (Clinical yg 1 case a week pon dah tak bernafas, inikan 20cases/week waktu PRP nanti)

Sometimes there are time when we all did the wrong decision at the wrong time.
and by the time had passed, we all regret what we have decided.
We regret that why on earth we did something so desperate, so rushed, so fast.
Sometimes we asked ourselves..'why can't we wait until we are ready to make the decision, why can't we keep calm and let time heal everything. And with time, we can make the right decision with a clearer vision of the future'
We learn from the bad decision, yes we did.
but sometimes the bad decision will not make things correct again.
it will change everything and nothing can be undo.


Nurul F Fauzi said...

Yeay I am proud of you too baby :*

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