Monday, April 22, 2013

those little moment that make me turn back to time and smile.

last friday was my last paper for midsem.
this semester 8 subjects, full of reading and case studies..
I was a laid back type of students who will sleep at 12 o'clock sharp everyday..
unfortunately when I enter degree life, I was never able to sleep around that time especially exam week.
If I am sleepy yes I will sleep at 11 or 12 and wake up around 2 or 3 and stay up till morning..
so the last day of examination is the most tiring day and I just wish to finished the exam and sleep..
unfortunately I can't.
after finishing exam, I went home and packed my stuff for National Pharmacy Sports Carnival that were held in UKM, Bangi..
I am half excited, half exhausted.
honestly, we did not managed to practice regularly because of the weather and our schedule is packed.
and as expected our team lose.
but the least thing is that,
this trip, remind me on matrix life.
I really miss budak asrama life.
to actually have someone to talk just about everything when we went back from a tiring class and activity.
to go to the class together.
the feeling of waiting for your teammate..
the midnight talk, sleep together with our friend..
just everything.
I am manja with my friend, this togetherness, girls talk, girl meant a lot to me.
this is what I expect in my degree life actually.
eventhough it was just temporary, but I just wish that the bonding with the seniors and juniors will last.
and I hope to join this activity again next year..(UIA, here we come!)
and ofcourse, when I said UKM, I have a lot of friends there..
it just that I just met yon, bad and salwa..
I did not managed to meet kamil, azza and ain because of time and transportation ..
meeting them, it does make me forgot about degree life..
owh I miss everything....

netball team

pengerusi pharmacy club msu with official photographer club *poyo

terompah gergasi can be hillarious

yon and bad, orang kuat NPSC

just because this feels so sweet

p/s: event from friday to sunday..and after reaching home, I slept from 8 pm till next morning..woah!


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