Monday, April 29, 2013

the angels that come into my life~

last week, despite my busy schedule, I managed to celebrate one of the princess's birthday..
ok, this sounds a bit lame,
but who cares, my girlfriends are as precious as a princess for me.
we are all been so busy with our schedule, classes and work,
that we have to celebrate it a lil bit late from the exact date..
and to the extend that we only could wish her on fb or twitter.
on the day itself, I was in Bangi for the NPSC..
I know she is a bit sad, as if everybody was ignoring her..
but we aren't..
we had made a planned few weeks before her birthday..
but to make a plan for her is the most difficult birthday plan compared to the others, and you sure know why right?
She knows everything, and we couldn't hide anything *atleast for the first part, it was a success,xD
but in the end everything went smooth..we ate dinner and spending time chatting..
everyone tends to speak as if we haven't seen each others for years..
we miss each other..

fruit juice!

our food by Mr Steak House

and that is how I gained my weight over a week.

birthday girl, yinyin


handmade birthday gift for her samsung tab. Hope she love it eventhough it is senget benget.

people ask me, why can I treat my girlfriends nicely but not towards others?
why I can easily go out with my girlfriends but not with others?
Why did I treat them differently from others?
to whom shall I compared,
they have known me almost quarter of my life,
they have been there for me always, without once letting me crying alone in this cruel place,
they have seen me through my worse till who I am now.
they have been the one that spread their hand,
to help me stand up after a downfall.
to whom shall I compare,
the angel that sent by Allah for me to face the harsh reality of life, with the one who have not prove to me  that they are sincere to be friend with me but judging me continuously.


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