Saturday, October 20, 2012

memory lane and some sort of stress reliever!~

due to some reasons of hormonal imbalance and also stress due to exam..
i kinda made something out of mind..
seriously.this semester is no joke!
 24 credit hours just make me forget my life, and other thing else..
bukak twitter and fb pon sekadar tengok group for any news or perkembangan.
Owh, and twitter is just to catch up with my gfs life..*macam stalker je bunyi but i dont want to miss anything about them.*
and, I have removed almost half of my follower..
I am so sorry, it's not that I am ending up friendship with them,
not that I hate them..instead I love them but I think it's better to be like this.
I don't want them to read my rambling, sometimes words hurt people we care..
so it is better to be like this.
no, no I don't talk anything badly about others especially friend, dont worry dear..
so, what did I did that is so out of normal?
one day, after hours and hours of reading, memorizing and understanding, I took few minutes to just lay in my bed but I couldn't rest..
then I sat up and suddenly my eyes fixed at one thing..

this album particularly..
as I had just started to open it, suddenly..
umi and Sanah masuk bilik and they joined me..*what a bonding time..huhu
and one name come to me as they asked which make me feel mixed up.
I dont know how to describe it.
I dont know if I am sad, if I am angry, if I miss that person..
it all a mixed up, that's the best way to describe it.
maybe I had strong enough to face it.
strong enough to walk through this memory lane and accept the reality..
been a year, all that is not easy but not possible.

I lied if I did not miss a single memories in this album. I miss them all..

my practicum-mate: i never had this kind of classmates again.

my unique bestfriend; qila and ain

for them who bring me joy and tears.

i miss them..

next thing that I've done!
memula, kita kan pergi makan dengan umi dekat kenny rogers..
pastu kan kita nampak kasut ni..
kita pegi tengok kedai tu..sekali kita ternampak kasut lain..
bila pakai it looks like a boots..nice!

so kita beli sebab kita tak ada lagi kasut yang casual yang boleh bawak jalan2 and kelas for formal..
then..umi bawak kita pergi eighty one since dia ada 50% less for all item accept signature dia..
BUT I want the peplum WHICH is mahal jugaklah..
so kita merantau ke cala qisha..
and and kita TERBELI peplum dia..TER eh bukan sengaja..
hik3..*tamatlah aku gedik2 separuh hari membazir tanpa study..kbye.

TERBELI okay..huhu


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