Wednesday, October 3, 2012


mood: hyper, pening kepala, overload of thinking..
now doing: report, assignments and reading for quizzes..

seriously, life ain't gonna be better..
it's going on tougher..
pharmacy is really tough, mentally and physically..
exhausted much..class from 8-6 then back home preparing for tomorrow with tons of assignment..
been through the worst..but I don't remember how we survive during our 2nd semester..hoho
BUT I know I will! maybe this is worst than 2nd semester..because we have a lot of project and lab..
next semester dah start buat proposal..
next year buat clinical and cases dekat hospital..then graduate!
ya Allah, sekejapnya 4 tahun...
and 4 years full with stories..

how  I remember graduationg from matrix.
it was like have been 2 years have pass through..
I wish I have taken a lot of picture back then..
and I wish I have saved it in the CD..
unfortunately, I have nothing except for my practicum picture..
everything else have gone..
I think, there are some good things behind everything that happen..
I lost the picture but yet it make me stronger..
I've been through a phase of mending my own heart.
memories will just make it harder to forget..
but lucky me to cuci gambar and put it in an album..
it just for now, I don't want to open still fresh in my memory.
all the wound, the pain, the love, friendship..
and how I loss it.
 for whatever reason I have to not to open the album..
those album is my greatest memories..
my favourite..
thinking of it will only make me cry..
but everyone moved on..
cherish the memories and live the present.

p/s: ditulis dalam keadaan yang masih pening kepala..maaf kalau ada yang ditulis secara tidak sedar..~


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