Thursday, September 20, 2012




surah Al-Insyirah.
surah memujuk, surah penenang diri.
my favourite surah.

dulu waktu zaman sekolah agama, memang hafaz sebab nak lulus hafazan..
namun ilmu tanpa amal tak berguna..lama-lama lupa.
but then bila dah masuk sekolah menengah,
abah made me hafaz this surah again together with ad-dhuha *real forcing me to!
my "vocab" for surah at that time is sooooo few.
dalam solat dok ulang al-ikhlas, an-nas *sedih ;-(
so afterwards, surah ni sentiasa berada di fikiran.

during my SPM trial,
my teacher said to us, if you are nervous in the examination hall,
remember to recite this surah.
I never knew until then that the surah dapat tenangkan hati..
because I never really care about the meaning.

until today,
I recite it in every of my prayer.
At the time that I found difficulties,
I recite this surah.
At the time that I cried,
I recite this surah.
At the time that I stumbled to the ground with no one to held me up,
I recite this surah.
because i believed..."Bahawa sesunnguhnya tiap-tiap kesusahan 
disertai kemudahan"

the funny part that I could tell you is that,
waktu aku buat experiment dengan tikus.
which I have to feed the mice with a drug (metformin and glucose) and then we have to take the blood sample by making a small cut at the tail of the mice,
I recite this surah to the mice.
I felt really sorry to the mice.
each group have to take two mice, for the control and the test.
our mice seems to have this connection that we could describe by the way they take care of each other.
they protect each other from being touch by us and even lick each other wound.
But the mice remain really calm and good.
they even slept at the time interval before we check the blood again.
It so sad and emotionally touch.
this is why I hate experiment with animal!:'(
unfortunate, it is for the sake of knowledge.
the cutie good and well-behaved mice..:')

this surah, really make me feel calm,
and make me stronger and stronger.
make me feel....Terpujuk..
life ain't easy.
people talk, people hate.
for what I could be,
I could be me.
The best of me.


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