Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fading Flowers

you get that walk walk walk
got that talk talk talk
got that swagger er er
such a glamor or or
you're like a real life doll
with your hair that falls
like niagara a a
but that don't matter er er
cause that don't change the fact
that your heart is black

you can't tear me down
beat me to the ground
try to block my sunshine
my blue skies with your clouds
and who do you think you are
yeah that won't get you far
you may think you're pretty
but you'll see that beauty is a fading flower

fading flow-ow-ow-ower
fading flow-ow-ow-ower

you'll only play play play
if you get your way always
in the center er er
of attentio-o-on

all the lying and the cheating
the mistreating
how you even sleep at nigh-igh-ight
blows my mi i i ind
i wonder when you'll see
that you don't bother me..

i spent all my youth
trying to be you
thought you were special
that you were beautiful
but the more of you I see
the more I'm glad I'm me
(fading flower by yuna)

this new song from yuna had just stucked in my head..
i'm glad rather than having gangnam song stuck in the head..erghh..
she got attitude, confidence and she have succeed..
despite her dressing (her turban and legging), she is still awesome!
p/s: i heard that this song is dedicated for those people who had once bullied her..i am not sure bout it..but the lyrics do describe kan?


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