Monday, June 4, 2012

when being strong is the only choice we have..~


sekarang dah bulah exams month..
next month, start hospital attachment at putrajaya hospital..
how should I say this..
takut semua ada..since I dont really remember all the drugs, the mechanisms, the side effect, the contraindication..
siapa kata jadi pharmacist senang..
we are one step of being a doctor, if only we can touch the patient, we are on the same level.
next year, maybe kalau ada rezeki dapat buat community or industrial attachment dekat jepun or indonesia..*pray for me*

BUT, seriously..I am getting tired with everything that happen..
perangai manusia yang tak habis-habis..
menyalahkan itu mudah..yes, kita tak nampak apa yang kita buat..
bila orang dah letak kan satu perasaan negative pada diri kita..selamanya ia negative..
I know things that you dont and you think I dont know things that you know..
that's life..
I am toooo busy with all my works..
each week aku kena hantar almost 3-4 assignments with 10 pages minimum each, 3-4 lab report to be done.. quizzes each day for about 2-3 chapters..
and thus, people still think I have sooo many time on the social networking and 'sibuk' stalking on people..
I opened my fb only to check my MSU BPH group for any update on class..
yes, twitter is all the time BUT here I tell you something..
twitter is not a place to stalk's a place where I feel safe with the people that really care about true friend..
FB tu about 99% aku kenal cause I dont add random people.. and I usually tak add orang..
orang yang add aku..and mostly yang tak kenal will be denied..
but there, on FB there are also fake friends..tend to add just to 'take care' too much of my life..
so I decide to slow down on FB..
maybe I will deactivate FB terus..who knows..FB just make my life too easy to be attacked by people who hated me..kan?


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