Thursday, April 19, 2012

there is no such thing as privacy in the social networking!


alhamdulillah aku berjaya menghabiskan exam terakhir aku petang tadi..
fuh3..letih tahu midsem 2 minggu..dah macam final =.=
so, what's up with this entry?
just wanna say something to dearest people out there.
anything that you share on the social network,
tak kiralah facebook/twitter or blog have no relationship with privacy.
ya, you might said, my facebook, my twitter, my blog is mine..jangan nak sibuk sangat hal aku lah der..suka hati aku lah nak tulis apa.
but then, bila orang dah mula bercakap kat belakang ko, ko mula sibuk kata, sibuk je nak jaga tepi kain aku..respect my privacy!=.=
this is wrong..why?
if you like to preserve your privacy,
ONE, never approve anonymously.
SECOND, only share what everyone that in the friendlist should know. All the private matter, it only happen between the two or group of you.
THIRD, keep your emotion to yourself. Social networking is not your heart or mind.

so what? this is my way of expressing myself.
THEN, dont bother if someone just 'catch up' too much with your life.
my friend once said this, FB is for stalking people..
this is true, most of the information about someone can easily obtained on fb once we are friend with that person..
owh, if it is not private then obviously you are exposing yourself to the world.
so whatever peeps..just sharing.
this is my 2 cents and what I want people to know.
so, what I written is not a private matter.

and, and come on lah people, dont unmention me on some post/blog/tweet..I might not understand it cause I just thought, oh its not me.
lagipon..I have so many works, assignments, 7 subjects with thousands of drug name to remember, upcoming hospital attachment, some events and etc..I dont have time to stalk people. truestory!


AnisSa said...

cik dayah, awak de mslh ke? crite la sama sy :)

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