Wednesday, March 28, 2012


one. I have moved on.

two. i never did anything unintended.

three. i learn to forgive the past but never forget. I stand on reality not fantasy.

four. i won't hold grudge. it's your loss not mine.

five. once friend forever friend. once enemy, it's not impossible to be friend.

six. i believe in myself, only on my words and not others.

seven. i have the ability to ignore others and leave without mercy.

eight. i have the ability to make someone unheard, invisible, and nonexistent.

nine. i can be ignorant. I do what I think the best cause Allah is with me.

ten. I am no longer the old innocent, too fragile, too sensitive HIDAYAH that you have ever known. If you can change because what I did. Why I cant change too. I did what I did not to show off what I have. I did what I did not to tell, not for you to see. I did because I learnt that keep hiding from the truth are not the right way as it is. Facing the reality is the thing that I always keep in mind. People might judge, people might say things, people does not listen and people keep blaming! one sentence dear hater, REALITY IS WHAT WE DEAL ON!


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