Friday, March 16, 2012

how we as a muslim should be~

this is the video that I watch shared by Aiman Azlan, a vlogger..

I never knew who is Yusuf Estes..I watch because of what Aiman Azlam quoted from this video..

'my point is not to put down bible, my point is to put down the people who lie about it- yusuf estes'

Yusuf Estes is a christian preacher..yup pendakwah kristian.
he converted to Islam not because of Islam itself. It is because he learnt the bible first.
He learnt the original language of hebrew and find that there is a lot of manipulation inside of the translation bible and he search for the truth and find Islam.
for so many times I watch this video, I cry over it.
because it touch my heart to see how people find Islam.
I was born with Islam, born in a so-called Islamic country.
as what I saw..people take Islam for granted.
Islam is only a tradition and not to be believe in the heart
and not as our way of life.
why were you a muslim?
'because I was born as a muslim..'
this are the things that I saw.
they are muslims, but they are not covering their aurah.
they are muslims, but they free to socialized with an ajnabi.
Lots of other people that wasn't born with Islam and Iman was searching for god.
They find ways to be closed to god.
They search, they learnt, they asked question, they observed the religion.
But how can they be attracted to Islam when US as a muslim are not attracted to our own religion?
how can they find Islam as a way of life when we doesn't make Islam as our way of life?

what touch me is when the christian man and the other sister were given hidayah. How amazing how in one night he can send his dakwah and converting people to Islam. In a night, how many pahala that he has been granted by Allah.Subhanallah.

Yusuf Estes said..' the reason we cry when we said the syahadah can't be understand by all of you (the muslims) because when we said the syahadah, we felt the rahmah. We felt different because all of our sin are forgiven and we are just like a newly born baby. And at the moment, our do'a are accepted by Allah'

'Allah is the one who guide us..not me, not anyone..'

'5 words in english: surrender, submission, sincerity, obedient and peace..combine all this in arabic word we'll get, ISLAM'

'nobody can control your heart. It yours'


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