Saturday, December 24, 2011

exam mode

dah empat paper berakhir tadi..

pharmacology CNS, physical pharmacy I, pharmacy practice II and organic chemistry..
honestly paper susah gila =.=
sorry umi abah..wuwu..~~
sincerely i just wish kalaulah ada masa yg ckp..
but dont blame masa..maybe aku yg xstudy dari awal..
tapi assignment n report sangat banyak..
cmne nak study..wuwu~~
ok2 dah jgn nak meraung..
next sem manage your time..
this is what pharmacist student are supposed to pay kot..
tape2..future may be brighter..~

p/s: i really miss u..u know who u are..i still have hope that one fine day, we''ll gone through all will be stronger..and I just knew that you never hate me..n never care for me..then and now..but i will let u have your time..dear bestfriend, come back when u feel its time..forgive me..:'(


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