Wednesday, December 7, 2011



hye dear blogger, and blogwalker yang berjalan2 di blogku yang dah macam sawang labah2 kot..
sekarang ni having a blog is like a new-in-thing..
but who cares..i made my blog since i have finished my SPM *riaklah??padahal update ciput je.
sorry peeps for not updating something yg informative or menarik..
i have my own world i have to dealt with..
yeah, this is actually a personal blog yang not too personal..
i've been writing some random stuff here and there..
my private life? and there...hihi..
too much that i wanna said but i just couldnt..
despite blog slalu jadi tempat maki hamun, caci maki, burukkan orang..
im telling my story..
how i felt and about me..
kalau aku ada sentuh beberapa manusia dalam hidup aku,
its either you are my dearest bestfriend, your story really do need to be shared to people for inspiring others or you are awesome!
kalau aku marah orang, sedih*like previous entry..i wont said your name nor said something stupid like insulting them..i dont want people to do the same to me..
just what i felt..
aku takkan tulis blog and delete entry..
this is aint an FB status people..
in blogging world, what you have written, orang akan baca..
and people tend not to forget what they had read.
so think wisely before clicking the publish button.


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