Saturday, June 4, 2011

sweet things of the past are to be remembered despite the bitter reality of today

kalau bersama waktu susah senang dan makan berkongsi pinggan, tu baru namanya kawan sepanjang zaman~hlovate..

been there and done that..
with someone that i care the most..
with someone yang ada time susah dan senang..
yang dengar cerita aku, yang bagi nasihat, pendapat dan selamba bagi kutukan straight forward..
terkenang balik zaman tu..
rindu zaman tu..
and seems like everyone have move forward..
leaving those as a memories..
sekarang dah masuk rejab..then syaaban, ramadhan..
the memories of this 3 month still fresh in my mind..~
but memories is a memories..
friends are to be remembered by all those sweet memories though now we are way apart..
i dont know when i will have this chance again to bring up back all the memories and to be closed again..
and i dont know if i could ever do that again together with you..
but i do miss us..~

p/s: its time for me to let go..but remember i always behind you my dearie friends..if u need me, just turn around, you'll find me somewhere in the mist~


sufi said...

be strong dearie

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