Friday, May 6, 2011

may 6th 2011~

the susunan of this name is so according to the picture eh?hihi

yeay..i really miss them..
the one who have been with me since teenage years..??
sebab semua dah balik and berada di shah, apa lagi..macam biasa..MAKAN..~
i thought i would be rushing to go to class after having lunch with them..but thank Allah cause my class are cancelled..
seriously I really need to spend time with them...
then we all go tawaf the shah alam mall..and then to tutti fruity..and on the way there..there is a crisis occur..~

time mskkan tiket ke mesin..
saya terpaksa membuka pintu kereta kerana tingkap kereta saya rosak..sian kan??
then at that moment i've opened my purse to take out the tickets and because of my short hand, i have to pull out my body a bit from the car..and...guess what the purse had fallen out of the car..~
seriously..xperasan langsung bila purse tu terjatuh sampai lah saya sampai ke tutti fruity and search for the purse that I thought it was on my lap..
the next thing is we rushed back and I am drifting kot..not driving..sume senyap je dlm keta.
however, I DID'NT FOUND IT..ten minutes je..but ofcourselah..PURSE KOT!!
~seriously..rasa cm nak nangis pon ada..bkn sbb duit..(duit dah simpan siap2 dalam bank..) but because of IC and bank card..~
so we decide to ask at the customer service or the guard..
cari tempat guard tu dah lah satu hal..ngee..~
dah jumpe..pak guard tu mak aih..garang benor..banyak tol soalan dia..
tapi nasib baik lah..dia walkie-takie-ing with the other guard..and mula2 diorang kata tak ada..
reaalllyyy sad+dissapointed gle..then suddenly..this guy datang..
and he directly give the purse to me infront of my face..
i was reaaallllyyy relieve to see my purse..~
that guard suruh check everything..and ofcourse lah duit takde dah..
but yg len ada lah..~
xpelah..bukan rezeki kot rm40 tu..nak buat macam mana..~

afterwards..we head on to tutti fruity and said like..we have to enjoy this ice cream k..~~
afterall its a fun fun day with the girlfriend..thanx for helping you guys..~esok nk cycling ngan mereka and budak2 BPH..wee..~

image from photo-shooting after the ice-cream..(sorry awak yang xbagi saya makan ice cream tu..but the ice cream is tempting =P)


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