Sunday, May 29, 2011

i need hlovate's word..

siapa hlovate..??

hlovate is my favourite writer..
hlovate is a Malaysian which his/her identity is a mystery..
i really love hlovate's word..each time im in sorrow or stress or need guidance..
I always look for hlovate's book..
what hlovate's wrote always sooth my feeling..
each of the story that hlovate tell is reality..
that's what i really felt..
the most meaningful novel is versus..
it tells about the changes that happen in our life..
the turning point..
changes to be close to Allah..
the way hlovate deliver the dakwah are different from others..
teenagers should read about it..its not a mere love story yg lead to romanticism..
for me, its the true way of expressing love..

when im in stress, situation does not follow according to my plan, sad and sorrow..
the first that I seek is Allah..
His words, the Qur'an..
praying and doa..
and for motivation. i'll seek hlovate..
when i am really sad* i mean like reaaaaalllllyyy sad that i cry..
I cry alone ad not talking about it to people..
i am in my own world..
I dont talk about it to friend..yup, i am a person yg usually akan cerita mcm2 kat friend..
but in those situation yg aku btl2 just in my world..
im just being me..
so hlovate do give an impact to my world..

contengan jalanan by hlovate..
'hati itu Allah yang pegang-hlovate'
'the man who decide to change on the 12th hours die on the 11th hours'


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