Sunday, February 13, 2011

100th post have done!

haha..yup..I've written about 100 post..but in about 2 years..haha..sangat lah sedikit kan..??
nak wat camne..I was in matrix which the super tight schedule kidnapped all my free time to blogging~haha..
so as a special entry for today.. I would love to introduce the person that have always supported me in my life as day pass by me and made me what I am today..~

the family..the love of my life:

i just love them..ABAH and UMI as the starter. They are the greatest lover in my world. Ingat couple je parents lagi romantik okie..and in the correct way~~
my sista, khasanah and syuhada..though you guys always BULI your kakak(or the other way round)..but all you have to know is Im doing my best to be the coolest sis despite my garang-ness..I dont want you guys to be regret in your ya!

my lovely COUSIN

they are the person that comes hell or high water(i curik hlovate's word)..they'll never leave me behind..we've been sticking up together since I was born(yeah..coz I was born after you guys)~
and I think you guys know me more than anyone else..we share all the sorrows and happiness together..and even share the grown up experiences together..we've changed to the better also together..and though Ive changed a guys are always be by my side..thank you for stay with my good and bad me..~

my hometown friend..<3

despite that we actually meet about twice or thrice a never forget me..
though we rarely exchange news but you do catch up my story..we've been friend for almost 5 years(since form 3)..even if we are far from each other..BUT we just have the chemistry that make us..US! miss you guys for the joy and laughter that you bring in my life..being with you..I WOULD NEVER UNDERSTAND THE WORDS SADNESS~nanitehayindayah~

my budak aras,sahabat dunia akhirat
mereka sangat best..mereka lah yang banyak mengubah hidup HIDAYAH menjadi lebih baik dan bertambah sopan walaupon mereka sangat ganas..mereka tak suka english sbb tu tntg mereka di tulis dlm BM..mereka tempat terbaik untuk saling ingat-mengingati..
hidayah sangat sayang korang berdua sbb korang paling memahami aku and there will be no replacement for you guys(maaf tertulis english)..walaupon korang tolak aku ketepi..tapi aku tetap ada untuk korang..kawan sampai bila2 ye SALWA dan HUDA..<3

my HAYAT 6~

you are the greatest impact in my life..korang buat aku rasa macam family..though we have 98 members in our kuliah..I do think I recognize them walaupon xingat nama..though matrix just 10 months..tapi you gain my trust in a short period..our ukhwah begin to stronger with the malam seribu impian and continue till today..I MISS THEM MUCH..all the gathering, the make my life lively..and thank you for are my brother, my sister, my friend and my life..
ain,qila,azza,kamil,arif,yon,bard,acap,alia,azah,mimi,wanain,fieza and anyone else that is in the HAYAT 6..

there..all my love..sorry for the long entry..since it a special one..(duh!u always post a long entry without a picture..its just a plain language..)


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