Thursday, September 30, 2010

after raya..

i haven't posted anything about raya eh??
so sorry..lots of thing in my mind right now..
quiz,test,assignment..aah..typical student..hoho~
but life started to change..
i could feel the independent life ahead..MSU are totally different from any school/institution i have been to..
maybe because its private..
who says private students doesnt do well in their previous academic achievement??
i dont agree..!
who said that private student are all spoiled children that only relay on parents money..
dont judge anything without being in the situation..
in life we have choices..
and I choose this pathway to lead my future..and im happy with it..

once upon a time..
i asked my teacher..

'teacher,why most of the students who took extra subjects for SPM can do reaaally well on their final instead of the student that actually took the subject..(eg:bdk sains amik art)'

and she answered..

'they do it because it is what they want, not what they have to take..thus they do it with passion and love for it..thats why they excell..'

so,remember..even if it wasnt our choice and what we love..we still can make our self love doesnt hurt to try..and whatever we do..we have to have passion~~


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