Monday, July 12, 2010


firstly,Im not a twilight saga fan but I just enjoy watching a novel-to-movie kind..

AND Im not even the fan of the novel..

i watched eclipse last saturday..
i get the ticket last minutes n my seat is very infront..hoho~
the movie is better than the last~new moon~
it is fun because it have more action than the previous..
but the story line..
sorry to their fan but I never like it..
the idea about a vampire falling in love with human is great
but making the human falling in love with vampire AND warewolf..
its way too much..and she did ignore her other human friend..
she's so doesnt have life~
i read the novel..and yes I still dont like the story..
whatever I said..u can still watch the movie..It still fun for those who love the story,the novel,th edward,bella or jacob

OR those who love robert pattinson,or kristen stewart or taylor lautner..!


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