Monday, July 27, 2009

suppose to fly..!

supposedly today im flying to bintulu,sarawak...
im supposed to follow my mom who have to go there for some work..
im supposed to give visit to my Pak Long's family..
im supposed to be there until thursday..
BUT im still here..
im still in Shah Alam..
because i still miss my home..
i still waNt to enjoy my holiday at my home..
Doesnt a week enough for me staying at home??
nope.its not enough as im not at home most of the time..
Where had i go??
from saturday till out with my beloved cousin, faten and yasmin..we went movies,shopping,hang out,went to mak ucu's house,pasar,and the farthest journey is to NILAI...this one Faten's drove us...and my driving skills also has improved...
i want to hang out with my friends..x tau ble lagi..
then i have to finished my assignment which i was just 10% done it...and my tutorial(alhamdulillah masih mengikut jadual)..and i still need to revise especially for biology!!!...

and i still miss my home eventhough i am at my home and yet its only several days before going back to KMNS..


nani :) said...

waa aku baru nak kate alaa dayah takde kat umah, sekali bace habis, ouhh okay okay hehe
wey khames date jom, heeeeeeee ;)

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