Saturday, August 29, 2015



People always leave.
That, is another reason to not to open up to people.
Whenever I told them about my insecurities,
about my dreams,
what I want in life,
something always happened,
and it ended up with a goodbye.
I know I will have to say goodbye too,
but I never thought it was this early.
I'm so used to disappointment and frustration that I just couldn't feel anything anymore.
I gave up on people.
I gave up on those who wanted to know me better,
I gave up on that first hello,
I gave up on all those attention.
I gave up on those deeper conversations,
I gave up on all of the kindness and help.
I gave up.
Because I know I could never depend on someone,
I will never let myself to be dependent at someone.
I'm not allowing myself.
I am independent, I shall not rely on people.
and that is how I don't care to shut people off.
Thanks for all the kindness and help shown.
But in the end, you will still leave.


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