Saturday, August 11, 2012


despite of everything that happen in this Ramadhan..
Allah still give me LOVE from the one that love me..
family and girlfriend..
yesterday, we had our first iftar together..
yup, selepas 6 tahun berkawan..dari zaman sekolah ke matrix/A level/ diploma ke degree..
this is our first iftar..AND our first night outing..^__^
kami bukan jenis yang suka keluar malam..
we have curfew..tak boleh balik lewat malam..hihi
yeah, we live in the city..we are the so called up-town-girl but we have curfew and we just happy with that..
itu yang buatkan kami protected kan?
so, back to the iftar thing..
we had our iftar at rebus-rebus..makan steamboat!!
dia berdekatan dengan JPJ padang jawa..
for me, not bad lah..but the tomyam tak pedas *our definition of pedas is kinda extreme..huhu
dekat restaurant  tu ada surau yang bersih dan xdelah rushing ke apa..

acara siapa memasak paling hebat! kih3

ketam and daging..yummie!

makan tak perlu control..siapa control lapar! hoho..

after dinner about 930 kitorang pegi dataran Shah Alam for the photoshoot!
we love camera..ofcourse..^__^

.masjid negeri.

first attemp of self-timer..yin too b'cahaya!

 last attemp! yeay!

bergosip cum posing 

this dataran is our childhood memories..
kitorang pernah berguling2 kat dataran macam cerita bollywood..hoho =.=

sweeter than a candy 

love the teasing 

us, together hand in hand embracing the future..

the journey

 without them, I can't stand short tall with a smile on my face.
because of them, I keep myself strong..
coz, I know, if I cry, they'll cry too..
dear girlfriends, I love you..
thank you for staying in my life and go through every moment together with me.
Thank You Allah for giving them as my present and sugar of my life


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