Wednesday, May 16, 2012

things I remember about you~


your favourite colour is purple.
your favourite drink is watermelon juice.
your favourite food is nasi kerabu.
your favourite subject is biology.
your favourite fruit is durian.
you love cempedak goreng.
basically you love fruits
you like nips.
you like coffee and nescafe.
you wear men's watch.
you love sneakers than women shoes.
you never really share your story unless a person ask you and know how to ask you.
you said that you are not that lady-like but deep down I know you are.
you love burger specifically burger daging.
we love playground.
we love gossips.
we love jalan-jalan release tension.
we love lepak dekat cafe lepas exam.
we love ulu bendul.
we love pasar malam hari jumaat.
we love makan ramai-ramai satu aras.
we love panjat bukit belakang kmns.
we love cafe A.
we love A4 Aras 4
we love our togetherness..~

this is basically what I remember..
specifically it wont be enough to describe it all in one night.
for this day..16 may..
I just wish for one thing..
only this day, can we just put aside everything that happen.
basically it is your birthday and our friendship anniversary day.
Happy Birthday Nurul Fadzillahuda Mohtar.
May Allah bless you =)

p/s: sorry if this entry disturbing you..for what ever feelings that you have for me. I only have one feeling for you and it never change and I know you know what is it..kan?
I try hard not to ruin your birthday and I'm sorry if I did..
just so you know, I've promised to let you go so you can live better~


Anonymous said...

thanks frends...=)

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