Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Some of us are very good at giving advice to others but when it comes to ourselves, we fail miserably.

Sometimes, the girl who seems so strong & never let what people say bothers her is the girl who's falling into pieces

so these quotes truly describe me
people often seeks advices from me.
i seem so strong on the outside
but believe me, you never knew whats going on inside of me
what i've been through..
im the person who just couldn cry infront of people
if i did, thats mean you hurt me too much
im not the person who could cry just for anything,
but i CAN cry by just describing myself.
cause for me, i never show the weak side of me towards other..
except for my family and my girlfriend.
but i know, i have so many secrets even from them.
its not that i dont want to reveal it but i just couldnt express it.
i can cry when im alone
and then smile infront others as if nothing goes wrong.
if you could see my tears thats mean i am really hurt that i just need someone that i trust to support me.
and i can cry just by hearing people describe me.
everyone knows im expression-less.
this reality just make me feel sad.
i cant talk about it.
but yeah writing do heal a bit but still words couldnt describe me precisely.
YOU are complicated Nurul Hidayah.
do you know that?

i dont know why but writing this out do make me feel like crying.

p/s: break-up a friendship is so much painful compared to breaking up with a lover. despite both break your heart. :'(


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