Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dinner card!

ok..yesterday and today are totally a hectic day..
whe ive finished printing my sample card for kemahiran dinamika..i just realized..
the card are plain simple..
i know its a formal invitation..but i just feel its way toooo simple...and today was tuesday..
so when i asked opinion from my prac mates..
they said like oklah..this is just for h6..
and im not ok with this kind of answer.
mmg dari dulu..kalau blh i just want what i do to be the best..
so aku try untuk cari lain2 design..
but i just couldnt find it..
so in the end i slept in early morning and also woke up early..
xleh tido sangat kot..
pagi ni search lagi..
and finally im giving up..
n i decide to go out maybe to shopping mall so i can get some ideas..
then no one could accompany sis have co-curiculum activity..
so..i just go to master art..and yes..i got some ideas..
there..i should go im exhausted..!!!


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